• Download: Liquid 0.82
  • License: MIT
    This is an open source project, you can use it in open source and commercial projects.

A lightweight JavaScript framework

Liquid is a lightweight JavaScript (ECMA-262v3) framework not tied to a specific system or technology. It is a pure API designed to be efficient and portable on different platforms. It can be used inside classic and mobile web browsers, desktop environments and in command line interface programs (CLI) to execute simple tasks or complex JavaScript applications. With Liquid you can develop robust applications with extreme rapidity and simplicity without having to struggle with native features not supported or supported with bugs and differences by the underlying systems. Read more: Liquid in 5 minutes or less.

Liquid allows JavaScript programs to be truly portables across different platforms making things simple, funny and adding powerful features. At now it is tested and runs on the following systems:

Platforms supported

The framework structure

The Liquid structure is representable as a simple small tree of modules and libraries loaded on demand. The main module is the only one loaded at system startup, it is identified by the global variable jsl and forms a base on which will be loaded all the other modules. Every module is an instance of jsl.Module. It is also a namespace, a logical unit that groups a homogeneous collection of elements. A library is not an object instance but a collection of additional features relatives to a specific module. Loading a library extends the functionalities of a module. Read more...

The framework structure